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Portraits usually require three to six month to complete. Factors such as pending studio schedule, complexity of subjects involved and choice of medium may influence the completion date. However, that is contingent upon the clients needs. Arrangements can be made for a reduced delivery date, if necessary. I will do my utmost to deliver the portrait within a reasonable time frame, please contact the studio for further scheduling inquiries.

All work is primarily done from a combination of life, photography and preliminary sketches. I prefer working from life when possible but I also understand that schedules are sometimes unforgiving and as a result, photographs are also taken. If the client requests their photography, I will do my very best to accommodate their needs. On occasion, it may be necessary for a second photo session.

The portrait begins with an initial meeting. There, we will get acquainted and have a discussion determining the type of portrait desired, medium, size, scope, the number of subjects, poses, clothing, setting, overall expression for mood, lighting & color harmony, as well as the location it will be displayed. Study drawings, notes and or color sketches of the subject(s) are also usually done at this time. After the collection of a signed commission agreement, with a 50% deposit, I will return to my studio to begin. Later, I will present a preliminary drawing for your approval. After the drawing is approved, I am back again at the studio to paint a color study for you to have a sense of what the portrait will look like when finished. After approval of the color study, a second payment of 30% is due. Once the portrait is completed, the remaining 20% balance is paid and the portrait is then shipped or delivered. Every effort will be made to ensure your complete satisfaction. I will NOT send the final portrait to you until you have approved it and are completely satisfied with the end result. 

Fees for individual portraits:

Each portrait is unique and since a piece is created on a per project basis, fees are quoted by the choice of medium, size, number of subjects involved and overall complexity. Highly detailed or complex backgrounds will influence final fee. Please contact the studio regarding commissions for full figured subjects with complex backgrounds, for this pricing information is quoted for individually.

The Fee for a 15" by 20" bust (head and shoulders only) charcoal drawing, start at $1850. Contact the studio regarding renderings created from other black and white mediums such as pen and ink or graphite. For each additional figure add 50%. Fully involved backgrounds add 30%. Add 10% for each pet. Fees may vary due to the intricacies of each portrait, i.e., dimensions larger than 15" by 20" inclusion of hands and feet, gloves/shoes, detailed jewelry and/or clothing, with very involved designs, ornaments and/or decoration have influence on the fee. *Please note: Black and white portraits are not eligible for credit or rebates and none will apply to that category. 

Black and white portraits rendered in pen and ink with an ink wash: Start $ 2500 for a 15" w by 20" h bust of one subject (head and shoulders), Highly involved complex backgrounds will also influence the final fee. The fee for 15" w by 20" h portraits rendered in graphite vary from those created with pen and ink, please contact the studio as pricing information is quoted individually.

Portraits in oil and or egg tempera: start at $6000 for a bust (head and shoulders) 16" w by 20" h. For larger sizes, please contact the studio as pricing information is quoted individually. Additional fees may be incurred for projects accepted outside the studio.​

Portraits in collage are unique to the individual, please contact the studio as pricing information is quoted individually.

Portraits in watercolor, gouache, casein: Start at $5500 for a 11" w by 15" h bust (head and shoulders). Add $1000 for a 15" w by 22" h. For larger sizes, please contact the studio as pricing information is quoted individually. With the exception of watercolor, sizes range from 16" by 20" and up for a single figure bust (head & shoulders only) portrait with simple mottled background.

Quotes are for unframed artwork only. Due to the intricacy of the collage & mosaic mediums, portraits may be scaled larger than life size with a simple background. All incurred travel and or lodging expenses (if any) frames and or shipping are additional. Prices subject to change without notice prior to purchase agreement, the 50% deposit reserves placement on the waiting list and holds current price.

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